6 Games to play during the week – According to Apple

Stone Miner

Dig ores and explore with this interesting gam. You will Crush the stones with your truck, Mine the resources then you can Sell them in order to upgrade your truck. There are different islands you can explore. The farther you go the more rare minerals you can get. With a more powerful trck you are able to dig more ores.


Bricks Ball Crusher

It is one of the world’s best brick crusher gam, it will provide many thousand of well thought levels and more than 250 blocks for you to explore. The ball will fly at the direction you orient it to. So your job is to find the best angle of attack and complete the level by crushing all the bricks on the screen. Remember to never let them touch the bottom.


Brain Riddle – Tricky Puzzles

Brain Riddle is one of the most most engaging puzzle games on the app store.It will help you enhance your cognitive skills by pushing your solving skills to the limit of your IQ. You will definitely be challenged by the visual clues be asked to identify people or objects and solve various tricky problems that characters encounter throughout the story.


Bridge Legends

You will Create more and more strong and complex bridges as the levels difficulty increases.
In this game you will need to build a strong bridge to withstand the forces and save the princess. In order for the bridge to hold you must use your intuition and form the bridge in such a way that it will not crash.

Be The Judge – Ethical Puzzles

A nice puzzle gameĀ  by game studio Matchingham Games, where you get to be be the judge and determine the fates of the defendants. The court is yours if you are willing to search the main motives behind the scenes. Sift through the evidence as and solve all the mysteries.

Water Sort Puzzle

Is a color sorting puzzle game developed by IEC GLOBAL. You play the game by trying to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors on the glasses match. It’s relatively easy and challenging.