Crucidroid: probably the best crossword puzzle on Android!

Crosswords are a passion that embraces many people and which returns even more fashionable in conjunction with holidays, long journeys or moments of relaxation. On the Android platform there are many different alternatives but Crucidroid is probably the best program to have fun with this type of pastime.

Crucidroid offers more than 300 original crosswords and in Italian, of varying difficulty, and of various types including:

classic (with black blocks)
bars (or fillets)
syllabic (if you don’t know it … try it!)
without scheme (for the best ones)
giants (like the classics, but bigger)
In addition to what is a must, such as autosave, rotation support and pinch to zoom, there are many other features such as:

sharing definitions to get help from friends
the suggestions (unveil boxes, show errors)
TWO dedicated reduced keyboards
physical keyboard support
ability to hide solved or uninteresting crosswords (filters)
… or to reset them and have a friend repeat them to see who scores the highest
the online ranking to make riddles exciting on smartphones and tablets
Graphically it is also very accurate and allows you to manage all the panels with simplicity and immediacy.