Giant Crossword

What do you do on the beach towel after taking a nice refreshing bath? You could go to the water’s edge to play with beach tennis. Or take a book from the bag, or the Kindle. Buy a tabloid magazine to see what VIPs are up to, or read Mickey Mouse. Or you could do one of the most popular activities: filling out crosswords.

These games are interesting because they keep the mind trained. Of course they also exist for iPad. Giant crossword is one of these and is characterized by its greatness. It is not a set of mini crosswords, but a giant board where you can write many definitions.

The crossword puzzle is 27 rows and 41 columns large for a total of 1,100 boxes. To complete it all, you need to give 340 definitions on various topics, such as chemistry, grammar, sport, current events, history and so on.

Giant Crossword is availble.