The Wordle Board Game

Wordle’s boxed game is ready to debut in the United States by bringing the dynamics of one of the most popular online trends in 2022 into a 1.0 dimension for an analog-type challenge with friends. Produced by Hasbro in collaboration with the New York Times, the Wordle board game is aimed at two to four players with various game modes always chasing the same goal as the original: finding the mystery word with the right sequence of letters in the right place.

It has been a truly phenomenal year for Wordle, which was created by Josh Wardle in 2021 as a free puzzle pastime accessible from a browser using the same dynamics as other well-known games such as Mastermind, Jotto or Lingo or by identifying a mysterious word in six. attempts with the help of colors to understand which letters were each time absent (gray), in the wrong place (yellow) or right (green). After a few weeks of running in the game literally exploded thanks to word of mouth on Twitter and was purchased for an unspecified millionaire by the New York Times, which decided to keep access free. The next step is this analog version to play with friends.

The Wordle board game requires one of the participants in turn to take the role of host, that is, thinking of a five-letter word. The challengers hide their scoreboard (completely identical to that of the digital version) through a small booth and write a first word, after which the host checks and places yellow or green squares on any letters in the wrong or right place and off we go. with the second round: the one who guesses correctly with fewer attempts wins. You can also have fun with two other game modes or against the clock or in a group. For now, the Wordle boxed game will be released only in the US in October at a price of around 20 euros, but it is possible that Hasbro will bring it to us too soon.