The Wordle Board Game

Wordle’s boxed game is ready to debut in the United States by bringing the dynamics of one of the most popular online trends in 2022 into a 1.0 dimension for an analog-type challenge with friends. Produced by Hasbro in collaboration with the New York Times, the Wordle board game is aimed at two to four players with various game modes always chasing the same goal as the original: finding the mystery word with the right sequence of letters in the right place.

It has been a truly phenomenal year for Wordle, which was created by Josh Wardle in 2021 as a free puzzle pastime accessible from a browser using the same dynamics as other well-known games such as Mastermind, Jotto or Lingo or by identifying a mysterious word in six. attempts with the help of colors to understand which letters were each time absent (gray), in the wrong place (yellow) or right (green). After a few weeks of running in the game literally exploded thanks to word of mouth on Twitter and was purchased for an unspecified millionaire by the New York Times, which decided to keep access free. The next step is this analog version to play with friends.

The Wordle board game requires one of the participants in turn to take the role of host, that is, thinking of a five-letter word. The challengers hide their scoreboard (completely identical to that of the digital version) through a small booth and write a first word, after which the host checks and places yellow or green squares on any letters in the wrong or right place and off we go. with the second round: the one who guesses correctly with fewer attempts wins. You can also have fun with two other game modes or against the clock or in a group. For now, the Wordle boxed game will be released only in the US in October at a price of around 20 euros, but it is possible that Hasbro will bring it to us too soon.

Crucidroid: probably the best crossword puzzle on Android!

Crosswords are a passion that embraces many people and which returns even more fashionable in conjunction with holidays, long journeys or moments of relaxation. On the Android platform there are many different alternatives but Crucidroid is probably the best program to have fun with this type of pastime.

Crucidroid offers more than 300 original crosswords and in Italian, of varying difficulty, and of various types including:

classic (with black blocks)
bars (or fillets)
syllabic (if you don’t know it … try it!)
without scheme (for the best ones)
giants (like the classics, but bigger)
In addition to what is a must, such as autosave, rotation support and pinch to zoom, there are many other features such as:

sharing definitions to get help from friends
the suggestions (unveil boxes, show errors)
TWO dedicated reduced keyboards
physical keyboard support
ability to hide solved or uninteresting crosswords (filters)
… or to reset them and have a friend repeat them to see who scores the highest
the online ranking to make riddles exciting on smartphones and tablets
Graphically it is also very accurate and allows you to manage all the panels with simplicity and immediacy.

The Crossword comes to Android!

If until recently the famous puzzle week was only available at newsstands, with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, there are several crossword puzzle proposals that we can find in the various official application stores.

Also on Android we find excellent solutions and crossword lovers can cultivate their passion without problems. The crossword puzzle contains 268 puzzles of various sizes and difficulties. In addition, new puzzles are published periodically and are available online and for free. The additional puzzles are available for free from the appropriate section within the application.

An Internet connection is not required to play, which is essential only when the user wishes to access the section for new puzzles.

Wordle Conquers Everyone

Anyone who knows Wordle raise your hand! And you are a lot with your hands up because lately it is the game on the knowledge of the words of the English language that is very popular, on Twitter and beyond.

Instead, let’s immediately explain to those who have never heard of it that it is a very simple online pastime, which can be found at this link. It involves guessing an existing five-letter English word by trying to write one. If a letter is present and in the right place of the combination, it will turn green. If it is present, but in the wrong place, it is yellow. If, on the other hand, that letter does not exist, it is dark gray.

A sort of “Mastermind” (the Hasbro game that has accompanied, and still accompanies, generations of fans), but with the letters instead of the colored pegs. Here we need to have further attention: we do not play with British English. A few days ago, for example, many complained (jokingly) that the word to guess was FAVOR (favor) and not FAVOR. And since the hidden term must exist, not all letter combinations are allowed; it drops from almost 12 million to a few thousand, which in any case are not few.

Every day there is a different proposal and every day there are only six attempts. Few or many? Generally they are sufficient if you know English well or if (like the writer) you rely on the intuition and plausible sound of British or American terms. However, it must be said that to impress friends and friends it is also important to guess the word in the least number of tests and therefore a quantitative approach could help.

To analyze the phenomenon from a numerical point of view, we started with a lexicon of 4,710 five-letter words. There will probably be some that we have not found, but there seemed to be a sufficient number for analysis. In practice, assuming this set of headwords is correct, you have a 0.02% chance of guessing on the first try. Not many, then.

Well, our words have given life to a list of 23,550 letters: among these, more than 10% are E’s, which is the most used in terms that contain five.

Crosswords: test yourself with the Marlù Webboh Fest edition and solve the game!

The Webboh crosswords are back by popular demand, the only ones entirely dedicated to the world of the web and its protagonists. This time the definitions of the scheme are totally linked to the highly anticipated Milanese stage of the Marlù Webboh Fest, the free event to be held on Sunday 5 December 2021 at 4.00 pm at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan (if you can’t be reminded that you can follow it live on our Instagram channel!). If you think you know everything about the singers and presenters of the event, put yourself to the test and complete the scheme!

How to play? If you have already dealt with the two previous schemes you already know what to do. If, on the other hand, it is the first time you try the game, we will explain the rules immediately: read the definition and fill in the boxes starting from the one with the number of the corresponding definition. Each box contains only one letter. If the word entered is correct, the word will turn green, while if it is incorrect it will be red. When you don’t know how to answer, help yourself with the letters that you managed to obtain thanks to the compilation of the other definitions.

Warning: each definition consists of a single word and relates to characters and facts that we told you this summer.

If you can complete the pattern correctly, Miss Webboh will appear and congratulate you. If not, you can ask us for help on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram: Once the game is over, if you like, tag us or share a screenshot with the compliments of Miss Webboh.

6 Games to play during the week – According to Apple

Stone Miner

Dig ores and explore with this interesting gam. You will Crush the stones with your truck, Mine the resources then you can Sell them in order to upgrade your truck. There are different islands you can explore. The farther you go the more rare minerals you can get. With a more powerful trck you are able to dig more ores.


Bricks Ball Crusher

It is one of the world’s best brick crusher gam, it will provide many thousand of well thought levels and more than 250 blocks for you to explore. The ball will fly at the direction you orient it to. So your job is to find the best angle of attack and complete the level by crushing all the bricks on the screen. Remember to never let them touch the bottom.


Brain Riddle – Tricky Puzzles

Brain Riddle is one of the most most engaging puzzle games on the app store.It will help you enhance your cognitive skills by pushing your solving skills to the limit of your IQ. You will definitely be challenged by the visual clues be asked to identify people or objects and solve various tricky problems that characters encounter throughout the story.


Bridge Legends

You will Create more and more strong and complex bridges as the levels difficulty increases.
In this game you will need to build a strong bridge to withstand the forces and save the princess. In order for the bridge to hold you must use your intuition and form the bridge in such a way that it will not crash.

Be The Judge – Ethical Puzzles

A nice puzzle game  by game studio Matchingham Games, where you get to be be the judge and determine the fates of the defendants. The court is yours if you are willing to search the main motives behind the scenes. Sift through the evidence as and solve all the mysteries.

Water Sort Puzzle

Is a color sorting puzzle game developed by IEC GLOBAL. You play the game by trying to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors on the glasses match. It’s relatively easy and challenging.

Augmented reality to solve Sudoku

In the past we have seen the benefits of augmented reality, a technology present in iPhones starting with firmware 3.1. We have seen how useful it is to find the parked car, relive the places of art to the glories of the past and find the subway. The iPhone can also do other things, such as solving Sudoku.

If you are in the middle of a game and you just can’t solve it, thanks to the Sudoku Grab program you will have instant suggestions. You just need to frame the grid to get the solution in a few moments.

Sudoku Grab – Solve the Sudoku Puzzle with a Photo

Having entered among the favorite games of Italians a couple of years ago, sudoku is used on the beach, subway or in the office before starting work, just to awaken the mind.

It consists of a grid made up of 9 quadrands which in turn are made up of 9 mini-quadrants. The goal is to enter the numbers from 1 to 9 in order to fill in all the mini-dials and not to repeat the numbers on the same row or column. If you are playing at a difficult level and can’t get out of it, your iPhone could help you.

Thanks to the Sudoku Grab program, in fact, just take a photo of the grid to generate the solution. If your goal is to play, however, the application contains about 1,000 grids to practice with.

The Week of Puzzles, the Famous weekly of Games

A train ride, while resting on the beach, at home during free time, are some of the moments we often used to solve crosswords, puzzles, find the differences in the photos and so on. Puzzle Week is highly regarded in games and now has its digital version.

The app contains the classic games that can be solved with multitouch. Each issue will be available in the internal store for € 0.79, and the company will periodically provide special content and competitions.

Giant Crossword

What do you do on the beach towel after taking a nice refreshing bath? You could go to the water’s edge to play with beach tennis. Or take a book from the bag, or the Kindle. Buy a tabloid magazine to see what VIPs are up to, or read Mickey Mouse. Or you could do one of the most popular activities: filling out crosswords.

These games are interesting because they keep the mind trained. Of course they also exist for iPad. Giant crossword is one of these and is characterized by its greatness. It is not a set of mini crosswords, but a giant board where you can write many definitions.

The crossword puzzle is 27 rows and 41 columns large for a total of 1,100 boxes. To complete it all, you need to give 340 definitions on various topics, such as chemistry, grammar, sport, current events, history and so on.

Giant Crossword is availble.

iSBartezz – The crossword puzzle for your iPad

On the beach and while traveling, a game reigns supreme: the crossword puzzle. Some time ago his dominance was threatened by Sudoku, but the crossword puzzle remains an unassailable place to test one’s knowledge. One of the most active creators of crosswords in Italy, Stefano Bartezzaghi, has made some for iPad.

In iSBartezz you will find 49 unpublished crosswords to solve with innovative features. You will be able to receive suggestions for the letters, time the solving of the crossword puzzle, use the pencil or the pen, get the statistics of the solutions given by you and much more. The game also has a play in the game in the sense that the title is cryptic and you will find its interpretation after solving the crossword puzzle.

Magic Sudoku, the app that uses ARKit to solve sudokus

There was a time when Sudoku was the game of the moment. A printed game, to be solved with the pen or better with the pencil. A grid made up of 9 large squares, each containing 9 squares. The goal is to ensure that each large box contains the numbers from 1 to 9 without repetitions.

If you are facing your Sudoku puzzle and you can’t get out of it, there is an app that helps you get some suggestions. Magic Sudoku uses ARKit to calculate the exact contents of all the boxes.

To solve the game, therefore, you just need to frame the page to immediately obtain the calculation of all the large boxes and their contents. In practice, solving a sudoku puzzle will be child’s play.