Max Scherzer appeared on USA Today Crossword

Max Scherzer, a notable American Baseball Pitcher who has also previously played for Detroit Tigers, LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks was featured on USA Today Crossword.


He was a clue in the crossword puzzle and the clue number was 7 Down.
The question was:
“Max Scherzer Pride”

Max actually tweeted about this and pointed our that maybe they should’ve done a little more research.
He would have thought a more accurate answer would have been his ARM that is his pride but let’s explain what DIC meant.

That’s because Max has two different colored eyes you have a condition called dichromatic, or DIC for short. Regardless, this is a new step for max, because when you are featured on the USA Today Crossword, you know you’ve made it. Right? How many guys get in the crossword? Max has officially arrived.