The Pianist Crossword King


If you think Solving a tricky crossword puzzle is quite challenging. Then try solving it on a tournament, in front of many people and in less than 10 mins. You must be a magician to do that, you may think.
Well Dan Feyer is nothing short of a crossword genius, he has won the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament several times. Mr Dan Fever is a pianist working and living in NYC and multiple times crossword tournament champion.

How does Dan prepare for the tournament?

He actually practices and solves many crossword puzzles. It is not far from the prep work that many athletes do before a tournament but in his case the prep work is doing more ‘crossword training’. This is a general rule to improve in anything you do practice and get better. But must be noted that Dan doesn’t only do crosswords before a tournament, he does them all year long because well – it’s a passion for him above all.

How many xword puzzles he solves in a day?

The average number for Dan is about 15, he does them whenever he can. Whether he is on lunch break, commuting or dinner time before the Television. If you are as passionate and good as him the puzzles go very quickly. His daily commuting amounts to about 40 minutes each day and during that time he can easily crack 5 to 10 puzzles depending on their difficulty.

You might be wondering what does a pianist have to do with crossword puzzles and why he is so good at it. We’ll we were wondering the same thing. What is your theory? Comment below.